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April 27, 2009

I guess Jesus didn't appreciate what I had to say about him yesterday. Today has been horrible. Check this out:

1. To start things off, I managed to destroy our nearly sole source of entertainment: our Xbox 360. We not only use it to play video games, but also to watch movies and stream television shows from Netflix. I somehow managed to trip over the Internet cable attached to the console, which made it fall about 1.5 feet from the chest it sits on. I don't know how a fall from less than two feet onto carpet could break it, but I digress. I'll probably have to pay for the repairs since I caused it to fall. The last repair job I sent off for took about a month. We don't have cable, local television, or another DVD player. Did I also mention that my tutoring job has ended for the academic year and my husband just started back to his Naval training for 14 hours a day?

2. Since I recently resolved to get professional help, I called my doctor to set up an appointment to get a referral to a specialist. I also needed to get the phone number for the base dental and optometry clinics. However, no one at the appointment call center would answer the &*%damn phone all four times I called. I couldn't even get an answering machine! I finally had to get on the Internet and look up alternate phone numbers for the call center. No one answered those, either. I know the clinic is open today because it isn't a holiday and their parking lot was packed when I drove by earlier.

3. However, I did manage to find the number for the optometry clinic on the Internet. They told me that they are no longer seeing military dependents due to a staff shortage, so I will have to find a private civilian optometrist. Oh, goody.

4. My husband made his own GPS holder for the car just before we went on vacation. Today, I noticed that the epoxy he had used to repair it had dripped onto the dashboard. I don't know if anything exists that can remove epoxy from textured, interior-grade plastic. We bought the car brand new only six months ago.

5. I also noticed today that the right-hand mirror on my car has recently been dented in so far that I can only see the inside of the passenger compartment. I tried readjusting it electronically, but the mirror will only move a couple of millimeters before it pops right back into that same position. In short, I cannot see traffic approaching the right-hand side of my brand new car.

6. All of this happened before 3 p.m.

7. My husband has yet to come home and learn about any of this.

It's been a long day, friends.

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