Still Waiting

January 12, 2010

So baby William still hasn't arrived yet, though he's so close it's worrisome. If he were any lower into the birth canal, he'd be waving at me. So for now, I'm just sitting around waiting for labor to start. It's so frustrating. However, if he doesn't make an appearance by the 15th, my nurse will schedule me to be induced. As much as I wish for a natural birth, I can't really risk William getting any larger. I'm beyond huge and walk like an old woman. See?

I celebrated my 27th birthday a few days ago, but had to do a before-and-after day celebration because my husband was on duty...again. Fortunately, his duty rotation was recently changed to every four days instead of three, so maybe he'll actually be around for the next special occasion. Aside from my birthday, he missed Christmas and New Years. But such is Navy life, and I managed to have a decent birthday anyway despite being huge with child and sick with a horrid cold. Besides, I'm proud to have a husband who is serving his country.

In the meantime, I've been going jewelry crazy. I received several jewelry-making books for Christmas and lots of cash for supplies, so I've been making new pieces about every other day. Check it out:

"Party Time" earrings

"Raspberry Delight"

(Yes, I did make that silver pendant!)

"Rose Web"

"Summer Love"

I think making jewelry is better than taking Prozac. Shhh! Don't tell!

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