Week 18

August 13, 2009

In the past week, I have concluded that pregnancy is a miracle. It has to be, because there's simply no other way to describe it. At five and a half inches long, my baby has developed senses. He (or she) can hear my voice. The bones are beginning to harden, and the nerves are making their final inroads and connections throughout the body. It's literally the human form in perfect miniature. The remainder of the pregnancy is mostly for growth.

I also felt my baby move for the first time a couple of days ago. The experience was truly special...and a little sad. My husband will never feel another life moving and growing inside of him. I am in my own world.

I have also concluded this week that not all miracles are necessarily pleasant. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, at 18 weeks I'm STILL PUKING. Not everyday like I was a couple of weeks ago, but close enough. (I puked this morning, in fact. And yesterday. And the day before...) The congestion I've been fighting is also hanging on with a vise grip. I thought it was getting better until two nights ago, when a sudden coughing fit nearly caused my lungs to close up on me. I had to dig my inhaler out of mothballs to find relief.

While first-trimester woes continue to plague me, I'm now entertaining all the lovely ailments of the second trimester--mainly itchy skin and insomnia. I'm also convinced that the baby is nestled right on top of my pea-sized bladder. I'm making at least two trips per night to the bathroom, and I'm quickly working my way up to three. This could get ugly.

The good news? The baby is alive and well despite my barrage of meds, and I will find out its gender in about three weeks. My husband is coming with me to the big ultrasound, and we can't wait!


Kyrie said...

I can't wait either! Please keep updating us about your baby! Do you have a name set for him/her, yet?

Sanctum's Muse said...

Yes! William if it is a boy, Abby or Michal if it is a girl.

Thanks for reading!

Ness said...

I vomitted through out my pregnancy and felt more tired than I thought possible but it was still the best time of my life... and it just gets better.
I wish I had been as smart as you and recorded my feeling while pregnant. Although it never feels like it at the time, it's over all too quickly.
I hope you feel better soon, loved your post.

appleofhiseye said...

Hi sanctum..I hope that you are feeling better today. Yeah it can be rough..but it does get better..however i don't miss those days..last time I was preganant was almost nine years ago..that's a record !being that I have 5:). once the baby comes you actually get to feel and give unconditional love. and to know that this is what true love feels like. as I type this I just got a sudden wave of missing my kids.. please have a great day today and stay hydrated, boy! is it Hot in NYC..God bless you

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