Week 16

August 1, 2009

I'm starting to look voluptuous. Really, really voluptuous. I walked past a reflective surface last night and gasped. My belly has drawn nearly even with my boobs, and I have the kind of cleavage I only dreamed about having when I was 13 and still painfully flat-chested. The only thing that has yet to make an appearance is my butt, which stubbornly refuses to grow with the rest of me. Keeping my pants up is often a challenge as my waistline expands to dimensions hitherto unknown.

At least my underwear still fit. (I know. TMI, right?)

In spite of everything, though, I think I look pretty good--once I'm cleaned up and have my earrings in, of course.

Oh, yeah. Last week when I became ungodly sick, it seems I contracted some sort of sinus-related viral infection. Five steps out of bed, and I'm coughing like an old man. (So much for being voluptuous.) Thankfully, I'm feeling better now in spite of everything. Still sleeping quite a bit, but I'm getting to where I can function again. I actually managed to cook dinner last night. Practically a miracle!

Now I'm just waiting for my next OB appointment on Monday. I haven't seen (or heard) my baby for a whole month, and I'm anxious to see if it is OK after all the meds I have taken to keep me from drowning in my own mucus. Also, my doctor is going to submit the paperwork for the BIG ultrasound that will be done at the end of the month to determine the baby's gender. For the past three weeks, my husband has asked every other day when we will go "look for penises." Too cute! I told him it would be a little disturbing if we found more than one penis on the same baby. A friend suggested that a boy might be happy to have more than one. Maybe so, but they would make changing his diapers twice as dangerous!


Beth said...

Great post, and the first thing I said to myself was...OMG. Did you go to the doctor? It almost sounds like you could have had the swine flu?

Just wait another 10 years like myself, 37 now...ugh.

Just Me said...

Loved this post. Being pregnant for me was misery both times. I was sick during both of my pregnancies. Congratulations on becoming a mom! It is very rewarding and extremely difficult all at once.

By the way, I appreciate the feedback you left on my post in the cafe. Please follow my blog and if you have the time to leave me comments on writing suggestions I would appreciate it. I am going back to school for an degree in English, so hopefully it will help my writings.

It would be nice to receive feedback from someone with your talent.



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