Something's Wrong (and I'm not a hippie)

May 5, 2011

I noticed something was wrong a few years ago when my husband and I drove together to Colorado and witnessed hundreds of cattle crammed together in muddy feedlots, the smell so rancid that you could detect it for a mile.

I noticed something was wrong again when I bit into a fresh strawberry and it tasted like oil.

I noticed something was wrong when I walked into a six-grade classroom and discovered nearly half the children were on psychiatric medication.

I felt something was wrong when I began hearing more and more complaints from young women about infertility and menstrual problems.

Something is wrong. A couple of days ago, the news reported that the number of asthma cases has increased by 12 percent over the past year. Considering the millions of people who suffer with asthma, that is not a small increase. That is an epidemic.

We weren't meant to live this way. We weren't made to eat chemically processed food. Cows and chickens were not made to live in tiny, fetid enclosures. Our bodies were not designed to function on long-term medications. Farmland was not made to be repeatedly replanted without rest. Yet anyone in the past who has made such statements has been labeled an alarmist, a hippie, or a paranoid freak. Now, though, bad trends are becoming difficult to ignore. When you hear that your life expectancy will likely be shorter than your parents', or when you walk down the street and see that well over half of all the people on the sidewalk are significantly overweight, you can't ignore the feeling that something is amiss. This is what we call 'instinct.' Instinct works to keep us alive and thriving.

I've decided to listen to my instinct. I'm going to start investing in my health. I'm going to try natural ways to treat and manage my depression. I'm going to take vitamins and buy more organic foods (I've discovered that they taste better without the chemicals). I know it's more expensive, but I can't continue to buy into the illusion that everything is fine and another pill will make me feel better. I know people on pills. They aren't better.

For now, I'm just making small changes. I will probably never be a vegetarian; I like steak too much for that. I'm not going to ban potato chips from my house or start growing wheat grass in my backyard. I'm not going to demand that the local McDonald's be shut down. But what I am going to do is encourage a more natural way of living. Cows do not belong in feed lots, eating corn. Strawberries should not taste like oil. And women my age should not be struggling to get pregnant. Something is wrong, and no one should be afraid to say so.


MaliciousGnome said...

I've started buying more organic produce, meat, and dairy but man does it damage the wallet. Andrew could care less if I buy organic bell peppers or milk but I wish I could afford to buy most of our groceries from the organic sections. I was on a roll for a few weeks there but I've pretty much resigned myself to saving the organic purchases for the most contaminated products. The dirty dozen list is my best friend!

April said...

I'll have to check out that list! Organic food is expensive, but it's better for our bodies and the environment. If working people could receive a cost-of-living adjustment in their wages, it would be easier for them to afford better food. At this rate, I'm going to become a political advocate. I just know it.

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