October 7, 2010

This will not be an uplifting post full of optimism.

This will not be a brave attempt to put a smiling face on a cloudy thought.

I am lonely. In the midst of all the stress and craziness that has been my life for the past three months, my loneliness has become blindingly, achingly apparent. Aside from my husband, I have no kindred spirit with which to connect. I absolutely hate when my husband asks if I would like to get out or take up a social activity, because I'm embarrassed to admit even to him--even though he already knows--that I have no one to go out with. So when he asks, I just mutter something, or say "I'll think about it," and end up staying at home. Like a hermit.

The last good friend I made was two years ago when I lived in South Carolina. She was around my age and had some education. When we got together, we talked for hours. But she struggled very hard with depression, so she rarely went out. Heck, sometimes she rarely got out of bed before mid-afternoon. And then my husband found reason to despise her husband, so hanging out became too awkward. The situation deteriorated further when she and her husband became influenced by some hardcore Christian fundamentalist doctrine--the same kind my husband and I had been trying to get away from for the past few years. Needless to say, the friendship dissolved like bubbles in a pond.

When it comes to making friends, I seriously wonder if I'm just too picky. Is it too much to ask that I have someone close to my age? Married? Educated--or, at least, intelligent? Funny? Interesting? Emotionally stable? Ambitious? Loyal? Heck, if I could just find someone who hit four out of the eight, I might consider the search a success. But it seems I always end up with the dysfunctional ones, or the ones that are too soon 1,000 miles away.

Ah, so much of the world is lonely.


Tanya said...

I can commiserate. My husband's military assignments make it so I live in cities with people who I don't necessarily have much in common with, which makes it very hard to make friends. Add that to the fact that I deal with depressive symptoms that make me irritable and I'm kind of a homebody anyway - I cling to my friends who are thousands of miles away.

Not sure what I would do without the advent of facebook and text messaging.

April said...

Not sure what I'd do without the Internet, either. Sometimes it's all I have.

Beauty and the Green said...

Hi, am a new follower here and I really enjoyed reading all of your post. Although I don't know you personally, you seem from your writing to be a very honest, intuitive, giving and intelligent person. Hopefully soon you will find people who can appreciate you and who gels with your family. Thats always a bit tricky, I had a good friend a few years back and my husband did not like her at all.

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