February 12, 2010

So now that my novel is officially complete, I've been seeking out literary agents to represent it. I emailed four yesterday and plan to email six more within the next few days. Ever tried writing a professional query with a baby screaming in the background? Not fun. It took all day. I should hear something back from the agents within a month...if I hear anything at all. If I don't hear anything, the process begins again with another 10 agents. Oh, goody.

In the meantime, I'm preparing for my mother to arrive tomorrow. I'm really excited about her visit: this is the first time she'll get to hold her grandson, and I will surprise her with a copy of my manuscript. The apartment, however, is a mess, and I want to clean house like I want a needle in my eye.

Just another day in paradise! :-)


Betsy said...

I can't believe you finished it!!!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy the accomplishment, don't worry about the house, and have a great time with your mom.

Sanctum's Muse said...

What, did you doubt I would finish it? ;-)

Konnor said...

Congrats, that's a huge accomplishment!! I'm sure the agents will be lining up to represent it. :) Glad things are going well with your family and little one too!


Teri K said...

Well, you know how proud I am of you. Here's that blog site I told you about. I can't think why I didn't mention it to you sooner. It's one of those 'really worth reading every post' blogs.
Like yours. :)

You don't have to post this, just so you get the address.

C. Beth said...

Oh, good luck! That beautiful bound stack of papers--wow. I'm very impressed.

I wanted to stop by to congratulate you; I just gave you a One-Minute Writing of the Day award for 2/8. It's not a book deal, but... :)

-C. Beth
The One-Minute Writer

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